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Rusty Hicks & MGySgt Arturo G. Garcia

Rusty Hicks & MGySgt Arturo G. Garcia

Combat Marine Outdoors started in 2005 after visiting combat wounded Marines and Sailors from the 1st Marine Division at Brooke Army Medical Center for several months. The Marines, Sailors and service members there needed an opportunity to get away from the hospital, in an environment of friendship, camaraderie, and fellowship with fellow Marines in order to accelerate their recovery from the traumatic injuries they sustained in combat. In many cases, these service members did not want to leave the confines of the hospital, but it was (and is) crucial to begin to re-inculcate back into society. In every case, the Marines and other service members who participated in the outings felt an enormous sense of accomplishment and a new sense of hope and belonging once the trip was completed.

While the hunting and fishing aspects of the program are important, they are merely a vehicle to demonstrate to these

Colonel Orr

heroes that there are tens of thousands of patriotic Americans who truly care about these brave warriors and are willing to show their appreciation and support by providing once-in-a-lifetime adventures in some of the most incredible places in the world. The camaraderie, friendship and fellowship associated with each outing have had an incredible healing property, and in many cases, were a turning point in the emotional recovery of these Marines, Sailors and service members. We continue to provide life-changing outdoor adventures to these brave heroes and we have approximately 50 ranches who actively participate in the program. To date, we have taken over 1000 combat wounded on the adventure of a lifetime.